Letter F

Danyelle Ferguson now has the manuscript in her hands. She is deep in an exciting project for Deseret Book at the moment, and so the editing will take a few weeks, but I don’t mind. To keep myself busy with other things, I finally sent a PDF copy of the manuscript to one of the best friends I have ever had in this life. I care a great deal about what he thinks, and so really didn’t want him to see it until I got most of the bugs out. The version I sent to Danyelle is in pretty decent shape, and so I went ahead and sent him the file.

Darrell McAdams called me a few minutes ago to tell me that when he went running this morning, he left the PDF copy open on his computer at home. He found out that his daughter Jessica saw it there, and started reading it. She is already in chapter 12. Darrell just had to call me and tell me what she said.

“If I have to go all the way to Utah to get an autographed copy of this, I am going to!”

Thanks Darrell. You made my day. And Jessica, if I get this thing published, I owe you an autographed copy.


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