Letter M

Today was a very cool day for me. I have never been to a book signing before. What was even cooler, my family went with me (all except for my oldest daughter).

We got to meet James Dashner and Shannon Hale. I have got to say, Shannon was very sweet with my girls, and James made a very good impression on my boys. I should have gotten a picture of James with my boys too, but in the excitement of the moment: brain-fart.

I have to admit, I probably caused James one of these moments: “Have we met? Gee, I hope I haven’t forgotten this guy’s name, if I am supposed to know him.” No, James, I have never met you. Don’t freak out because I walked up to you and said, “Hi, James”, like I was your long lost brother and you have had amnesia for years and your doctor said you would remember eventually and I just have to give you some time because we all know the medication will help someday.

All kidding aside, James was great with my kids. So was Shannon! My youngest daughter, (the one getting the hug in the picture), was so excited about the encounter, that as soon as we left the library, we went to “The King’s English”, and she bought a signed copy of Rapunzel’s Revenge. She even bought it with her own hard-earned babysitting cash. We had arrived at the signing a little late, and Shannon directed us to the book store because all of the leftover stock had already been sent down there. We did get a couple of her books signed though. Previous to showing up at the library, we had just been to Deseret Book where we picked up two of Shannon’s novels, and Dashner’s first 13th Reality book.

I also want to apologize to the other authors which were there at the library. I have no idea who you are. I am so sorry. I have been reading the Dashner Dude’s blog, and Shannon’s blog too, and so I knew who they were. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by saying, “We came to see James and Shannon . . . now, who are you exactly?”

I promise I will do better next time. I also feel bad that I didn’t really meet Nathan Hale (I think he was standing right there too). I looked the book over, and the illustrations are great. I don’t know if Dean Hale was there either.


As we drove away from the library, I turned to my wife and said something like, “Authors are so cool . . . I have got to get in that club!”

Actually, I didn’t say it precisely like that, probably because I was tripping all over myself with giddiness. But I am writing this blog, and I can edit the scene like I want to.

So there!

Best wishes to both James and Shannon. They deserve to have thousands of screaming teenage fans, if nothing else, just because they were so nice.



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  1. Daron – I totally agree. James is one of the most awesome authors I know. And he’s just FABULOUS with kids, mostly because he’s just a kid in a big, tall guy’s body. 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time and got to meet him. Now you just have to come to conference and attend some of his classes!

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