Letter N

This will be a short post. I have my edited manuscript back from Danyelle Ferguson now. I have quite a bit of work to do, but I knew that would happen. All the pain to fix things will be worth it, right? That is what I hear. I am looking forward to the time in the next few weeks when I can go print it and send it off to a publisher. Maybe by the end of September, if I work real hard? Actually, I think it will take longer than that. My wife tells me to keep my chin up. DO the edit. Send it in. That is why I wrote the thing in the first place.

May the muses of editing and word choice pay me a visit. Thank you Danyelle!



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  1. Hey Daron

    I was just wondering how your edits were going for you? Please be sure to let me know when you send it out to a publisher. I’m very excited to hear their feedback!

  2. The editing is slow going. I am about half way through the “cleanup” portion. Cleanup in this version is varying the number of COMMAS (sentence length), number of times ‘THAT’ is used, and of course, limiting ‘AND’. I have made some changes to characterization, but have a few more things I want to do there. It may take me another month or more 🙁

    *sigh*. This is not as fun as writing, but I see it needs to be done. Looking forward to being done, myself. I will keep you in the loop!

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