Letter T

Wow! I learned a bunch today. Book signings are FUN. You get to meet authors, bloggers, and other stalkers like me. Just kidding, I’m not a stalker. No, really. You have to believe me. But don’t be alarmed if I continue to go to every book signing I can.

I met Tristi Pinkston, H. B. Moore (Heather), Michele Ashman Bell, Keith Fisher, and Karlene the Inksplasher, and I would have stayed there ALL DAY if I could have. But, I had other errands to run, so had to cut out way earlier than I wanted to. I can’t wait for another big book signing with multiple authors. Maybe I will take my laptop and stay until they kick me out.

Thank you all for the time you took to talk, especially Tristi and Heather. I am so stinking excited about this LDS Author community, that I can hardly find words to express it. So I won’t even try.

I think my daughters are really starting to like this book signing thing. “Dad, Michele was SO COOOOL!”, they said. My youngest daughter also got a kick out of telling Tristi about her November writing challenge progress – over 12000 words so far. I was actually very surprised. I had no idea she had written that much.

You folks are awesome!



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  1. You’re pretty awesome yourself! Tell your daughter I just told my writing challenge group about her and held her up as a fine example.

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