Letter W

I don’t watch much TV. When I do, I prefer to have it on the DVR so I can skip past the commercials. I saw a few this evening which got me thinking about some great scriptural phrases which I have always been impressed with. Nephi is one of my author heroes.

” . . . my soul delighteth in plainness . . .”

” . . . the things which were written were plain and pure . . .”

” . . . even as plain as word can be . . .”

” . . . I have spoken plainly unto you . . . “

So are you like me? Do you prefer for people to speak plainly so that you might have a clear understanding? Do you wish people would just give it to you straight without all of the distracting fluff?

I just about gag every time I hear carefully worded speech or read cunningly crafted writing intentionally masking or hiding truth (words which are intentionally deceitful). Others which are just poorly worded and therefore unclear don’t bother me as much. Some marketing-speak just makes me laugh. I have to ask outloud as I nearly shout at the TV: Are you kidding me? Surely you are not serious! What a joke!

Here is a fun one: Our formula “reduces the appearance of wrinkles”.

Reduces: How much? Does one percent count?
Appearance: Does this mean you begin to THINK you can’t see them as much anymore? How more subjective could you possibly get?

Perhaps when you put the two words together it really does mean something (and I am just too dumb to figure it out). When you take the number 2 and square it, you get 4, right? The number 4 squared is 16, right?. Can you do the same with words which are non-specific, non-committal, non-meaningful?

Here is my word math: Reduces * Appearance = Fills the wrinkles with just enough gunk to smooth them out so they seemingly avoid detection by your less than perfect critical gaze in poor lighting conditions.

That is exactly what goes through my head when I hear the commercial. It makes me laugh.

It is really sad that other things are not quite so benign.


I would rather not turn this into a rant, so I will stop right there. Well, maybe one more question to get you thinking: Don’t you just love the words of Nephi? Can there be any misunderstanding?

Here is what he said: ” . . . I have spoken plainly unto you, that ye cannot misunderstand.”

I just love it. Plain and simple. Powerful words!



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