Acceleration of Time

Does anybody else out there think time is speeding up? Why is it that I feel the length of a day is much shorter than it was when I was 20 or 30?

I am convinced that our planetary system is spinning faster. Our planet is orbiting the sun faster, rotating faster, and our solar system is zipping amongst the stars faster, and effects of relativity is causing atoms to decay faster and crystals to oscillate faster.

A day is still a day (sundown to sundown), but I swear it is happening faster. I used to be able to get so much more done in a day. I just dread Saturdays. There is SO MUCH to do. I can’t possibly get it all done. So how do I choose? Do I get my hair cut, sew the cushion on the couch, wash the car, take down the Christmas lights, take the dogs for a walk, exercise, eat, go to the temple, read, fix the cabinet, clean the garage, help with laundry, clean a bathroom, start gathering items for filing the tax return, go to a movie with the kids, work on my book editing, go to a museum, call family, organize pictures, fix the computer in the office, clean my desk, fix the tire on the trailer, take the dogs to get groomed, catch up on some work, help the kids with a school project, read all the blogs I am following, redo the layout on my own blog, help my wife by cooking dinner, figure out how to use twitter, read another chapter in the book I am reading, go visit friends . . . ???

I could have gone on FOREVER.

Maybe I have it all backwards. Perhaps time is not accelerating . . . Maybe I am getting SLOWER.

Maybe I will go re-read “The 13th Reality – The Journal of Curious Letters”. I am sure the answers to my questions about time and relativity are hidden somewhere in there.

Anybody else feel that way?


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