Book Review: “The Forgotten Warrrior”

“The Forgotten Warrior” by Kathi Oram Peterson

Forgiveness has never been an attribute of sixteen-year-old Sydney Morgan’s. Loyal and loving to her mother and sister, a crisis forces her to find her absent father, which in turn begins a chain of events leading her to the last place and time she would have ever expected.

The Forgotten Warrior follows Syd as she is transported back to Book of Mormon times by touching a mysterious clear stone. She meets Chief Captain Helaman; nursemaid, Mariah; and the stripling warriors. They believe Syd to be a boy, and worse yet, Helaman’s second-in-command, Tarik, thinks Syd is a Lamanite spy and threatens to kill her.

Come follow Sydney as she desperately tries to find her way back home, fights to gain Helaman’s respect, and despite herself, falls in love with Tarik.


I am very appreciative to Kathi and also to Tristi Pinkston (organizer of this Virtual Blog Tour) for letting me get my hands on a crisp copy so I could participate as a reviewer.

No matter how hard I tried to resist (it was an almost conscious resistance), I was pulled into story right away on account of great characters. But I resisted! I resisted because I was waiting for the “time-travel” moment with bated breath. How will Kathi pull this off? I asked myself.

Will it be a re-hash of the old get-lost-in-a-cave, then fall-into-an-underground-river, and then miraculously-fly-back-into-time trick? I have read several books in Chris Heimerdinger’s “Tennis Shoes” series. For that matter, Chris and I are almost brothers. Just like Chris, I grew up in Cody, Wyoming. I have been in the Spirit Mountain Cavern (although I never got sucked back into time). Still: The cave is real. I have been there. So, I have convinced myself that Chris was sucked back into time. How else could he describe how the characters in his books traveled back in time?

This brings me to my point. I also know those clear, white stones existed. The brother of Jared had them. Does anybody know what happened to them? It seems to me that Kathi knows. She must have one of the stones. There is no other explanation.

I declare this a conspiracy! We now have another author who has a way to travel through time to visit the peoples of The Book of Mormon, and she has not volunteered to share her new vacation spot with the rest of us. I demand an investigation.

Where did she get the stone? How long has she had it? What other places has she visited? Why won’t she share? I would like to go! Can we purchase time-shares?

All kidding aside, I enjoyed the book. There are some great characters set in a fun storyline. I really only had two very minor gripes with the book:

1. I found a couple of errors which were missed or introduced in typesetting. With Kathi’s English degree, I am sure she was annoyed too.

2. I hated the ending. Well, hate is perhaps WAY too strong. I was “put out”. I like Syd. I wanted her to march right back into the fray, kick (literally) some more Lamanite butt, and rescue Tarik.

*SIGH* I will have to wait until the next novel in the series. Want a fun read? Go get her book.

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Book Review: “The Forgotten Warrrior” — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks, Daron, for reading and reviewing my book. And I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy about the stone. 😉

  2. Daron, thank you for reading and reviewing my book. I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy about the stone.;)

  3. What a fun review. Weren’t there twelve of those stones? If Kathi won’t share, we should be able to find one or two more laying around.

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