The Danger of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a dangerous day. If you forget, you are dead – just like the rose will be dead sometime late next week, except that you will wish you were dead right now. If you remember to give a gift on the day itself (Hurray! You remembered! But don’t celebrate yet) you still run the risk of being called a procrastinator, unless you deliver the gift to your Valentine in the early part of the morning before you could have possibly had time to sneak out and get something at the last minute. Just can’t win, can you? If you give just chocolates, you are told that you are boring and unimaginative. If you do flowers, they are appreciated, but giving flowers alone just won’t cut it. Flowers and chocolates are easy. Do you see why I think Valentine’s Day Danger seems to lurk around every corner?

My solution: Give gifts. Give more than one. Give early and often. Give in such a way that you can’t be dubbed a procrastinator. Make sure you build up the suspense.

I gave my wife a present-a-day, all week long starting on Monday:

First day – Dove Chocolate Rose
Second day – A book, “Lemon Tart” by Josi Kilpack
Third day – A candle
Fourth day – A teddy bear
Fifth day – A bar of Lindt Mint (her favorite)
Today – A card, and dinner at Texas Roadhouse with some good friends

The next time she reads my blog, I want her to know that I love her very much. She is my very best friend. Jennifer, thank you so much for the last 21 years of being my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To my blog readers: Do you think I made some points? To all of you procrastinators out there: Sorry I made you look so bad. Better luck next year!



The Danger of Valentine’s Day — 2 Comments

  1. I think you scored a looooot of points with that–I bet she was smiling all week. And I’m thrilled that Lemon Tart made your list!

  2. Good going Daron…you need to give some reminders to your brother…he is romantic all year around and on Valentine’s he bats .097!

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