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Ok, so I guess I can’t avoid this. I have seen this type of thing circulating on Facebook, but to this point I have been too lazy to participate. Connie Hall ( ) tagged me as part of the new writer’s critique group I joined. In the spirit of being a good sport, here it goes!

Twenty Five Thingamajigs About Me:

1. I love trout. If I catch them and cook them, I have been known to eat fish until I almost pop.
2. I don’t like my hands to be dirty. For that reason, I didn’t learn to work on cars like I should have from a father who is a Michelangelo among mechanics.
3. When I was in High School, I bought my own American Heritage Dictionary, and read most of it.
4. I like to point out that I am not a nerd, I am a geek. Difference: A geek has a personality.
5. I know what a geek is. Nowadays it means I work on computers. Yesterdays it meant I would have worked in a circus troop biting the heads off of chickens.
6. If I could pick any job in the world, I would be a creative writing teacher in a High School.
7. Or, I would be a librarian.
8. Or, I would be a Seminary Teacher. Or an Institute Teacher.
9. I enjoy public speaking, especially at church. Longest talk I ever gave: About 40 minutes. Nobody fell asleep . . . that I know of.
10. I can cook. I once had somebody tell me: “That is the best apple pie I have ever eaten. Don’t tell my wife!”
11. I make my pumpkin pies from scratch. Even the pumpkin. Plant, water, weed, harvest, prep, cook, put in blender.
12. One of my goals in life: Become a published author.
13. I had heart surgery just before my 5th birthday. Had to be “revived”. Sometimes I wonder if my brain went without oxygen. For an hour.
14. I used to speak French. Taught French at the Missionary Training Center in Provo. Can’t speak it any more. Had to look up how to spell the title of this blog post.
15. I can’t stand most “modern” music. If it has words, those words had better not seem like they were written by somebody who actually did go without oxygen for an hour. Can’t stand Hip-Hop.
16. Music I do like: Classical, Celtic, World Music, Bluegrass, Folk, Religious, Jazz, some Country, some New Age. Examples: Michael Buble, Enya, Yanni, Josh Groban, Rascal Flatts, many many more.
17. Very conservative. Exceedingly so sometimes. If I were Jewish, I would be Orthodox. And a Rabbi. I want to learn Hebrew.
18. Favorite Foods: See-food. Least Favorite: Raw Oysters, Black Licorice. I love Indian Food, and Italian Food, and Chinese, and Tai, and Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Cajun, Texan, Wyomingan, Utahn, an, an, an.
19. Tried to join the Army to be a linguist. Rejected on health issues.
20. Sang in a “barbershop” group on a float in a July 4th parade. Patriotic songs. Scared me to death until my public started cheering, saying thank you, waving, and crying. Then I REALLY started to SING!
21. My wife calls me McGyver. Years ago I fixed our gas dryer using parts from a photo-copier.
22. I am also a little bit of a pack rat. I had those used copier parts for 4 years before I used them.
23. Chocolate. Hook up the IV-Drip, please.
24. I would love to try Man Vs. Wild, Survivor Man, Amazing Race.
25. I don’t have a favorite color. I prefer complements and contrasts: Merlot Red against Billiard Green, Navy Blue with Silver, etc.
26. I can’t count. But usually, I can spell.



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  1. Our musical tastes are very similar. I must ask – how do you feel about Harry Connick Jr?

    Also wanted to remind you about your stop on the blog tour tomorrow.

  2. I enjoyed your blog, Daron. Glad I got to meet you at the group. Too bad we won’t be working together in the future but good luck with your writing.

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