I must be starting to LOOK like an author

Ok. Now I am weirded out. I am at the 7th Annual Young Writers Conference by the Nebo Reading Council with my youngest daughter. She had to twist my arm really, really hard to go. OK, that isn’t true. I jumped at the chance. We have seen Brandon Mull, Will Terry, Kim Williams-Justeson, Nathan Hale, Emily Wing Smith, Paul Genesse, Chris Crowe . . . and many others.

No, they don’t all weird me out. Authors and Illustrators are better than rock stars. What got me was this cute middle-school girl who followed us into a classroom session.

“Excuse me?”


“Do you know who J. Scott Savage is?”

“Yes, I do!”

“Well, you look alot like him!”

Then she left.

Speechless. I look like a rock star? Really? How stinking cool is that!

Let’s check this out:

I have no idea. I think I look like me. Perhaps the resemblance is we both wear button-down shirts. Does Jeff have gray hair? I will have to find out at the LDS Storymakers Conference next month.

So why did a teenager track me down, approach me, a stranger (I am sure she had no idea how strange), and tell me that?

Maybe I am starting to look like a writer. I am ok with that. As long as I don’t look like Samuel Clemens. Yet . . .


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