Do you lurk? — 4 Comments

  1. But I like to just pop up once in a while and say something witty to keep you on your toes!! If you know I'm following you, then where's my element of surprise??


  2. Not a lurker but now a follower! Not sure if you remember me but I was in bootcamp with you that first day at Storymakers. (I’m Laura T.)
    I just wanted to say that I LOVED the entire idea of your book. I’m really glad you’re pursuing it. Can’t wait to read it when it hits the shelves!

  3. Hi Laura! Glad to hear from you again. I have full intention of participating in our online group, but I have been . . . just a little busy. Changing jobs (I start at Cisco on Monday), getting my manuscript ready, etc.

    The story you read a portion of at the conference was actually not the one I submitted to the publisher. The one you got to see was called “The Dream Trapper”. My finished project is called “The Thorn”. I dropped it off at the Cedar Fort offices this afternoon!

  4. Ooh! I’d like to know more about “The Thorn.” Although I’ve got a soft spot for the Dream Trapper! =]

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