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Today the manuscript went to Cedar Fort Publishing. It is a bit of a long story, but Kirk Shaw at Covenant Communications was very complimentary on my writing style and the general storyline found in the synopsis, and although he wanted to read the entire manuscript, I think he must have gotten a bit overwhelmed by all of the great submissions he got after the LDS Storymakers conference. I can’t blame him there. He did say that I could try again if I changed the setting of my story to “Old-Testament Israel” rather than another planet. Covenant is fairly conservative about that kind of thing.

Well, the whole point of the story is that it is on another planet. I could make the setting change and still create a good story with it, but maybe later. I am going to run this thread to the end and see if I get any takers as it stands. If not, Kirk will hear from me again.

So wish me luck. I now get to wait a few months to hear back from CFI. Time to get working on my other project and see if I can get that one done. It is time to write again!



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  1. If ‘the Thorn’ is something that Kirk suggested could be turned to old testament Israel, is it kind of like ‘Sword and Planet’? Just the idea intrigued me.

  2. David,

    Yes, it could be considered similar to the Sword and Planet type books out there, but most of those are very heavy Sci-Fi or Fantasy. This story is definitely “old testament” in style. It has enough physics and astronomy to make you feel you are there, and yet contains no myth; no magic. The characters in the story are not “lost tribes” either. Gan is the name of the world. They know about Christ. But they know he won’t be born there.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. So GAN is one of the worlds that is aware of Christ and yet not wicked enough (like the Earth) to crucify him? I am intrigigued espacially since this falls under the idea of something I have heard since I was a little kid and yet no one has ever written into fiction. So I am all for it. I hope CFI picks it up. If I am understanding your story I wouldn’t want to change it either.

  4. That is exactly the setting for the story. I am with you . . . Nobody has done it. I hope my story does the idea justice!

  5. Thanks for adding my blog to your roll. Im definetly interested in ‘the Thorn’ are you working on anything else?

  6. I need to get back into the swing of things on my writing. I have been right in the middle of changing jobs, so I haven’t written much but a book review or two.

    I have two projects I am kicking around at the moment. The second installment of The Chronicles of Gan, and another story I am calling “The Dream Trapper”. I have about 20k words on that one, but I need to get the rest of the storyline and plot elements mapped out so I can continue.

    The basic pitch for The Dream Trapper:

    A simple souvenir from an antique shop in France turns out to be much more than it appears, and Aaron Rothburg is shocked to find himself pulled into the dreams of people he touches. Shared dreams with a single mother who adores him and her young son who idolizes him seem innocuous by themselves, but when the deadbeat father of the boy attempts to harm them, Aaron acts before thinking and purposely takes over the man’s dream that night. When things go horribly wrong, Aaron sees a clear dilemma before him. Does he donate the stone to a museum and risk it falling into the hands of someone who will abuse the power, or does he keep the stone for himself, with hopes that he will never succumb to the temptations of wealth and power which it could offer?

    The pitch needs some work, especially since a major plot element simmering in my head is not present in those few sentences.

    Anyway, thanks for asking!

  7. Good luck with Cedar Fort! Be sure to email me when you hear back!

  8. how long did it take for Covenant to get back to you? I waited ten months without hearing a peep. Well, they sent me a nice congratulations email after I told them I'd accepted a contract elsewhere!

  9. Tamara, my submission to Covenant was a special case. I went to the LDS Storymakers conference and paid for a pitch session with Kirk Shaw. He got to read the first couple of chapters and the synopsis. While very complimentary about the writing style and story he said Covenant would have to "pass" because of the setting (unless I was able to leave behind the "other planet" and bring the storyline back to ancient Israel). So…. the process there was not a full/normal submission.

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