Hidden Blog Treasure

I have wondered for a while if anybody has actually seen a particular something on my blog. It has broken links. And the links have been broken for a long, long time. Not a single person has ever mentioned it. I suppose that means there is little interest. So, I may just leave it the way it is. But perhaps my mere mentioning it will act like an invitation to a treasure hunt . . .

If you figure out what it is, and you want to get your hands on “it”, here are the rules:

Become an official blog follower. Leave a comment and ask for “it”; tell me how to get in touch with you. Then I will send you the “treasure”, because obviously the links are broken. Or if you don’t want to put your email info in the comment, you can send me your address: lachishatgmaildotcom. You know what to do there…



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