The Healer

I have had some incredible experiences this month. The most recent was on Friday. I was coming home from working in Phoenix for a few days, and when I got on the plane I found that I was sitting next to a senior couple. They looked like they were having a difficult day. When we got up to cruising altitude, I noticed the woman had a copy of the Ensign magazine with her. I felt impressed to pull out my laptop and open up my short story, “WATER”.

I turned to the woman next to me and said, “Would you like to read a story?”

“Oh, yes, especially if it is a happy story.”

When this dear sister got done reading it, she said: “Thank you! That is just what I needed.”

She proceeded to tell me they had just gotten news of a tragedy in the family and were flying home to be with their loved ones. I then had a wonderful visit with these two very special people. I do believe that their strength and the spirit they carried with them helped me far more than I helped them. I will be eternally grateful for being put in their path that day.

I am so grateful for the talents God has blessed me with. I know that I am not the best writer in the world, and never will be, but for that moment when I got off the plane and wished them well I had the most wonderful feeling about the short story that I wrote. I must say that out of anything I have ever written, that story is the most inspired work I have ever produced. And I was able to use it to share my testimony in something I know to be true: Christ is The Healer. He can heal ALL THINGS. He healed the paralytic at the side of the pool. He can heal the hearts of all who suffer because of a tragedy in life.

No amount of praise from friends or family (although it is very appreciated when it does come) can compare to the sweet, tender feeling I experienced Friday evening knowing that my story had made somebody feel better. This couple didn’t need me to teach them. They knew. But our conversation did lift their spirits.

As I walked away to go find my own family and go home, I said to myself: “THIS is why I am a writer.”

I never plan to stop writing.



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  1. I hope you never do. That story moved me in a huge way too. I'm so glad to see how you're already making a difference. Congrats and congrats again!

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