Twitter sometimes not so twitterific

This will be a short blog post. I thought I would be helpful to my friends out there who use twitter and want to keep their followers list clean. Clean as in toilet-scrubber-and-lysol-clean.

I made the mistake at looking a bit more closely at some of the followers that suddenly showed up on my list. “Hmmm. Who is this? Do I know this person?” Needless to say, a single click got me an eye-full.

Here is a tip for you twitter usin’ folks:

Login to your twitter account.
Click on the “Settings” link in the upper right corner.
On the main “Account” tab, right at the bottom, there is a check box for protecting your tweets.

After you turn that on, the very next follower who wishes to sign up will land in a small section on the right column of your main page. You will see a link there to allow you to accept or reject the follower. Pretty simple.

You know, the very fact that I have to do this makes me a bit angry. I hate filthy-image-pushers. Yes, I said the word HATE. From the Book of Mormon, Alma 37:32

“…teach (the people) an everlasting hatred against sin and iniquity.”

Do I hate these pushers as people? No. But I do hate their occupation, their actions, and everything they stand for. I get angry at the fact that they waste my TIME. Time is precious. And because they cause us to have to protect ourselves with anti-virus software, ad-blockers, etc., they are also costing us money.

For all you unrepentant filthy-image-pushers out there: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

Sheesh. I even had to choose my words carefully so my blog doesn’t get accidentally flagged by poorly written protective applications which might think I was actually hosting those types of images on my blog.


What has this world come to?



Twitter sometimes not so twitterific — 2 Comments

  1. I'm going to "borrow" a phrase from this post and use it as part of my bio on Twitter. After your posting on Facebook last night, I also took a look at my over one thousand followers but knew better than to click through on the "see my pics" tweets. I deleted over 100 of them in half an hour. I'll return to the task after work.

    Your phrase that I'm borrowing is "I hate filthy-image-pushers."


  2. I agree with you so strongly I could cry. To the point where I told my husband I don't want him to have a Twitter account. I have to have one, I feel, for marketing and publicity. But we *fight* these evils every day. I've safeblocked my computer against them. I don't want him using a site that invites temptation by popping up pictures and unwanted followers.

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