Editing All Them Words

In the last few days, I wrote about 500 words on book 2 and spent about 10 hours editing chapter 9 of book 1. Thank heavens my editor is patient. My brain is mush.

In celebration of this grand accomplishment, the time has finally come to use a picture taken while in Cozumel in May on a company trip (Yeah, I was spoiled, but I did get food poisoning the last day in Mexico, so don’t be too jealous).

This is my new excuse for all current and future writing mistakes:

Works for me!


Editing All Them Words — 5 Comments

  1. I am adding myself as a follower to your blog because I am so interested in the editing process post acceptance and prior publication. I just went through it myself, it took over a year, and the entire tone of my book changed, for the better of course.

    btw, I think your author photo shot looks incredible. Very intelligent and sophisticated.

  2. Way to go on making progress. Tristi is fun to work with!

    Loved the sign from Cozumel. Thanks for posting it.

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