The Satisfaction of Creating

Mission accomplished. The book is done.

At about 1 a.m. this morning, I sent the final pages back to my editor (Tristi Pinkston at Valor Publishing) for review and inclusion in the master copy of the manuscript. Changes were accepted. I can finally say, the book is done!

Copy editing is the next step to get it ready for typesetting, but those changes are expected to be minor. During the edit, Tristi mentioned that I must really like water because of some of the imagery in my book. Yep, I do. It is calming to me. I have spent some of my best thinking moments on the banks of a stream or river. So, the image above of a peaceful lake seemed appropriate for this post.

And if I must say so myself, the book is quite good, better than I had ever imagined when I started out on this writing journey. I look forward to seeing comments from my readers when the ARCs are sent out!

Oh. I almost forgot. If you want to experience the satisfaction one can only experience through the creative process, sign up for NaNoWriMo. It starts tomorrow!

Happy Halloween, everybody. I’m going to go celebrate by robbing candy from my children this evening. 🙂

Note: The photo was taken by a friend of mine, or rather, adopted daughter, Stephanie Haven. She now has a website: 

OH! ONE MORE THING!!! Don’t go yet!

Valor Publishing is having a HUGE book launch party for Mark Shurtleff at the Barnes & Noble in the Gateway Mall, Salt Lake City, on Tuesday evening. For details, please click on the Valor link above. Everybody who is anybody is going to be there. Even some who are nobody (like me) will be there. Come say hi!



The Satisfaction of Creating — 2 Comments

  1. You're not a nobody! You're definitely a somebody!

    Happy Halloween to you and congratulations on the big finish! I wish you the very, very best of success!

  2. I have heard that moving water has negative ions that help us feel good which is why people like to be near water-especially moving water.

    Looking forward to your book-glad you didn't have to compromise.

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