Do Christians Believe There Are Other Planets With People?

Picture from NASA: Farthest galaxy cluster ever imaged.

This is a follow-up to my last post “Can a Mormon write Christian Fiction”. Because of comments posted there, I would like to know if Christians of various faiths believe that there are other planets which have people on them.

Do you believe that God created other solar systems in this vast universe which have inhabited planets with humans, plants, and animals on them?

Or do you believe that God only peopled this one? In other words, do you believe that all of the other galaxies and planets out there (science is quickly proving that there are planets around other suns which could support life) are merely creations of beauty for our own wonder and discovery, and that we will never find other people out there?

What do you think?

I just have to ask this question… because I am a nerd. Do you like Star Trek?

Credits: Picture is from the NASA “Astronomy Picture of the Day“.  I love that site!



Do Christians Believe There Are Other Planets With People? — 8 Comments

  1. I have found this topic touched on from time to time in media. The Jodi Foster movie Contact had a very Christian theme and dealt directly with life on other worlds. The Mel Gibson movie Signs used an alien invasion to prove that God exists. And just the other night I watched the season premier of the re-make of V. In it, they say that the Vatican accepts the aliens as God's creations. Obviously these are fiction, but I think it is something that Christians who enjoy sci-fi think about and could possibly believe.

  2. I absolutely believe there is life on other planets. Somewhere it says there are "worlds upon worlds". Why would we be the only ones in the hugely, vastly, beyond our comprehension, amount of space?

    You know what I always thought was interesting? The fact that the universe has the same structure as an atom. Want a brain twist? What if we are, literally, the "body of Christ" as the scriptures say? What if our universe was only an atom in the structure of the body of God? Okay, my religion doesn't agree with that statement at all – but doesn't the thought just get your sci-fi writer mind going???

    If aliens ever did come to our planet, or vice versa, would it be so improbable to believe that we could worship our God, while they worshipped theirs? Or that we worshipped Christ and they worshipped whoever the Saviour was on their planet?

    Oh, I'm all over this thought!

    And yes, I proudly admit that I am a Trekkie! (and those who call yourselves "Trekkers" because you're so much more serious about it than I am – in the words of Bill Shatner – "it's a TV show, get over it!")

  3. It's exciting to share discussion with open minded people like you guys. Whether there are beings out there or not, as a Christian I am comfortable with the idea that God is in charge, period. I believe it's His universe, en total, and that we know a little history between point A and point Z and on both sides of those perimeters is a whole lot more. When we see incredibly beautiful galaxies beyond description, it reminds me of the passage in Psalm 19: "the Heavens declare the glory of God" and I look forward to finding answers in the hereafter.

  4. I realize this is probably NOT my best worded post. Why?

    Because I believe in Christ, and the way this was worded (after reviewing it) makes it sound like I am not Christian and I am wondering what them thar' Christians believe.

    My answer to my own question:

    Absolutely. The universe has purpose. It is not just "eye-candy". There are other people out there, I know it. We just haven't had tangible proof yet, other than what is written in scripture.

    And I do like Star Trek. All except for the godless, pure scientific angle the show/movies seem to have. Except for that one movie… But I digress. That episode was a bit weird.

    The whole reason I posted this question is that I have had plenty of conversations with other Christians where they have assured me that they believe there are other people out there. And yet, they seem to do it in hushed tones, like it is heresy for them to even think it because of what they learn from their pastor. There are some out there, apparently who think it is ludicrous to believe in other planets with people. I have no idea where they get religious proof for that doctrine. Seems silly to me.

    Anyway, those are MY thoughts.

  5. I think that we are not the only world that God created. I have always felt that there are others out in the universe on other planets. I am not a big sci-fi fan, but it is something topic is something I have thought about and Chris and I have discussed.

  6. I do believe in other planets, universes, and populations. I'm just not sure I believe in little green men. I do believe that "other sheep I have" thing doesn't just refer to us, though.

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