You can call me Grandpa

I have been really lax about my blog lately. Too busy I suppose. I am working on my galleys now and hope to have them done within a week or so. Once those are back in to Valor Publishing, the proofs will go to press and it won’t be long before I see ARC copies. I am getting really excited to see my book in print!

In order to be more consistent with my blog, perhaps a schedule with specific types of things to blog about each day of the week would do me some good. I’ll have to give that some thought. Since I was given a gentle nudge from a friend to provide some pictures of the new arrival, I thought I would play along.

Here are some pics of Baby. She is a cutie if I say so myself.

Proud Grandma:

Proud Grandpa:

The Star of the Show:

Thank you A. & D.!


You can call me Grandpa — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, she is so CUTE!! Congratulations, Daron! Both on the beautiful new bundle of joy and the excellent progress with your book.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Congrats. I over heard Audrey say this about Bella "She looks just like Deven, but she's really cute!" Haha! That made me laugh.

  3. Well your daughter and SIL should be proud. "They did good!!!". I am really happy for all of you and I look forward to hearing all about your grandpa adventures.

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