Angel’s Song — Short Story Companion to The Thorn

I now have permission from my publisher to post excerpts from The Thorn, but I am adding a companion short story first. You can find it here on my website under “READ“. It is called Angel’s Song. The short story introduces one of the minor characters who is in The Thorn, and is set in the mountains of Gideon. It gives another point of view of some events in the novel, and will greatly add to the general feeling of what the planet Gan is like when the book and story are read together.

I don’t think it will ruin anything for readers of the novel if the short story is read first (but I leave it to you to make your own decision). I would be curious to hear from anyone who cares to comment if they felt it was better to have read the story before the book, or after. Of course, no matter what choice you make, the very fact that you made the choice will prevent you from being truly open minded about the other choice which you did not make, and therefore your commentary will be entirely meaningless (I am terribly cruel, aren’t I). But, please, tell me what you think. Really.

Ah… this reminds me of the choice which Indiana Jones had to make in a room full of cups–each one possibly the real Holy Grail–knowing that if he didn’t pick the right one, certain death awaited him.

May the guardian knight say to you: “You have chosen wisely”.

Sorry for the side-trip there. Back to business:

This story was first written and submitted to the LDS Publisher Blog for the Christmas Story contest in November of 2008. It has changed a little and been properly edited since then, so I think the story is much stronger than the original version. I want to thank a few members of my writers critique group who read it and commented (Wendy, Paulette, Lydia, Janice, Jeff), and also my esteemed editor, Tristi Pinkston, for helping me to clean it up.

I hope you like it!

To read the story, click on READ (or above, on the menu bar of the website) and look for “Angel’s Song”.

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Angel’s Song — Short Story Companion to The Thorn — 2 Comments

  1. I have read the book first and am inclined to think this short is better served IF you have read the book first.

    Some subtle nuances and details will make more sense after reading The Thorn, but then again…

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