The Calm Before The Storm – or – 10 Lame Excuses For An Author

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. Part of me finds it easy to justify my complete lack of attention to my blog. Another part of me insists that I shouldn’t let the other part of me which likes to come up with lame excuses get away with it. I am going to let the lamer win. At least for a moment.

My reasons:

1. The Holidays: I really enjoyed spending time with family through the Christmas season. We played games a lot, and ate way too much food. On New Year’s Eve, my son, son-in-law, and myself stayed up playing Settlers of Catan (with most of the expansion packs) until 5am. I regretted that later, but it was fun while I was awake.

2. A new addition: For the last 4 weeks I have been called Grandpa. My little granddaughter has been over almost every single day. I forgot what babies are like. They smell so good. They are fun to cuddle at nap time. One Sunday afternoon I fell asleep in the recliner with her resting in the crook of my arm. Slept for an hour. She never budged. Of course, my arm fell asleep, but it was worth it. Now that I think about it, this shouldn’t actually be a lame excuse. In fact, I am quite pleased with this one.

3. Twitter: I think social networking has become my bane. I am fascinated by it and repelled by it at the same time. Conflicting viewpoints abound. Some say an author should have twitter so fans can “connect”. Some say it is a waste of time. I am not yet sure. But my twitter activity certainly has outweighed my blogging.

4. Plotting: I did plot out the major arcs and characters for both book 2 and 3 in my series “The Chronicles of Gan”. I am very excited about what I came up with. But I am also quite worried about it too. I wonder if I can pull it off again. The first book was SO MUCH WORK. Yikes.

5. Preparing for signings: I have a ton of things going on right now in preparation for my book release. I have a training seminar I am going to on Friday and Saturday. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do with my website. I have been wondering what to do about business cards and book marks and such. I have been trying to figure out if I can pull off a tour to promote my book since the publisher wants me to go for a longer time period than what I have vacation for… so unless I have a bunch of donations come in to cover the time-off-without-pay, I am not sure I can do the entire thing.

6. LDStorymakers Conference: I have been working with some friends who will be presenting with me at a “Website Design” class at the conference. We have a lot of work ahead of us. And we are not anywhere near ready.

7. Reading: I have been reading books in the late evening. Some books for enjoyment, other books because I promised the authors a review. And there are more to come. I have at least 3 more reviews I will be doing by March. A year ago if you would have told be I would be doing blurbs and reviews for books, I would have thought you were looney. Well, even today, I may still think you are looney, but that is beside the point.

8. Galleys: I did actually complete this one, but since it took a fair amount of my time, I am listing it. I need to take credit for getting at least one of these things completed!

9. The day job: This one pays the bills. Can’t get rid of this one yet. Somebody help me to sell 300,000 copies, and we’ll talk about this one again.

10. Google Reader: I think I have signed up to follow too many blogs. And that keeps me from maintaining my own. Or so goes the excuse.

11. FEAR:  I am nervous about what I have gotten myself into. I hear folks who are full-time authors talk about how hard it is to balance everything and get done what they need to get done in time for deadlines, etc. And I have a day job… AM I NUTS? What is wrong with me? I can’t believe that I am doing this, actually. I need to sleep. I need to work. I need to read. I need to write. I need to play games with my family. Gotta figure this one out or my family will disown me.

OK, so I admit that some of my problem… most of my problem… all of my problem… is that I have not yet figured out how to manage my time effectively. I wish I knew what the most important things were to be successful, then I could do those, and nothing else. Whew. This is going to be a very, very busy 6 months. I hope I make it through without going bonkers.

And for those of you who know James Dashner, don’t get on my case for not being able to count to ten. He does top-ten lists all the time, and can’t count either… and he used to be an ACCOUNTANT.  😛



The Calm Before The Storm – or – 10 Lame Excuses For An Author — 7 Comments

  1. I don't think any of those are lame. You're just busy! You have a life and a career (two of them) and a family to care for. I don't know that anyone ever really has it all together. We just do our best. Keep at it. I'm happy for your success and I'm sure you'll have more!

  2. ROFL! James Dashner.I hadn't realized you went past 10 until you told me. So funny, I'm tweeting this one for sure.

    Yeah, I have some of the same excuses. Don't EVEN get me started on Google Reader. UGH!

    Sometimes you can't just mark all of them read…;)))


  3. sounds good to me! . . . seriously we do what is truly most important to us and when we really haven't thought that through – we do whatever . . .

    Life is short – how does God want you to spend your time, which is really His when you are His?



  4. 1. Settlers of Catan is amazing! We have the original and Cities & Knights expansion. I'm looking forward to learning how to play them together, but so far have only managed the one.

    3. I'm now following your tweets 🙂

    And all the rest, you are a very busy person. Congrats on the book! Let your readers know when we can purchase them!

  5. I can relate. It seems like there are always plenty of excuses! The worst is when the excuses are important.

  6. Man, I'm feeling you on so many of these. Least of all the conference one. I haven't even started preparing yet! Yikes!

    And the whole social networking thing. Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    Good luck!

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