I Believe in Christ

Writing. Editing. Website maintaining. Blogging. Networking. Preparing. Stressing. Worrying.

I have been so busy for the past few months in preparation for my book release that I have nearly forgotten why I feel compelled to write. As I was doing some site maintenance this evening, I came across a recent comment from one of my blog followers. I hope she doesn’t mind me bringing attention to her comment, but Krista said: “Angel’s Song gave me chills”. That statement really grabbed me.

I had just recently finished editing that story with my editor at Valor, Tristi Pinkston, and so the mechanics of it were still in my mind. Why did the story affect Krista that way? I wondered.

So I went to my website page to were it is, and I read it. This time for enjoyment. Funny thing–it gave me chills too. Why? Because it is an extension of my own testimony or witness of Christ. The feelings which I felt and wanted to convey when I wrote the story, flooded back to me.

I know that Christ lives! There is no doubt in my mind that He, under His Father’s direction, created this Earth and the universe in which we find ourselves. He is my King. He is my Savior. As a hen which gathers and protects her chicks under her wings, He loves me, and He loves you.

For all of the self-important biblical “scholars” out there, those few who deny His divinity, who claim that the Bible is merely a historical document full of fable telling of men who are long since dead, and also for all the others who deny the very existence of God because they have forgotten what it feels like to hear His voice in their hearts . . . I say to you: You are wrong. Christ lives. He paid the debt of the Fall, and performed an eternal, infinite, Atonement. He took up His body, now glorified and perfected beyond all description, never to lay it down again.

If you no longer feel His comforting presence in your lives, it is not because God is dead. It is because YOU left HIM. But His arms are stretched out still, and He calls to you to come back into His fold.

Is there any wonder why children easily believe? Coming from the presence of God into this life, they are not yet too far removed from that prior existence to forget. It is the youth and the adults of the world who crush that innate belief. Through sin and disobedience and denial, they smother the very lights of heaven which had previously touched their souls.

I believe in Christ. I trust Him. He always keeps His promises. As the God of the Old Testament, even the Great Jehovah, Christ has always cared for Israel, His children. He has said that His children, those who He calls the children of Israel, are those who are willing to covenant with Him. His children are those who believe and keep His commandments. It really is that simple. Have you forgotten what His influence feels like? Then test Him. Believe. Follow. Try to keep His commandments. Then you will once again feel His influence in your life.

This is why I write what I do. It is because I believe.

I know who my readership and audience will be. My books . . . my stories . . . are written from my heart. They are a written witness to what I believe in my heart, even down to the depths of my soul. I hope that they will touch the hearts of many, especially the youth of this world, who are desperate for clean, uplifting stories which can help them to know who they are, why they are here, and where they are going.

This is why I write.

Thanks be to the Lord for His grace and His love for me, and for the talents He has blessed me with. May I always be worthy of His help in this fantastic journey.



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  1. What a beautiful and powerful testimony! Thank you for sharing why you write. I needed to hear it this morning. 🙂

  2. God has truly blessed you with the this gift of writing. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Blessings to you!

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