Storymakers Conference contest – I won a seat!

I am excited!

And you should be too, because I will have my wife in attendance at the conference. And I only won a single seat. Therefore . . . I have chosen to give my coveted winnings to a reader of my blog.

Here are the details of the contest prize:

So…  what will you bid? Friend suggestions on facebook? A slew of tweets on twitter? Buying copies of my book for friends? Blogging about my awesomeness? Coming to my book launch party in two weeks and bringing 10 members of your reading club?

One of my twitter friends ( @DragonWrangler ) suggested a Lamborghini and a dragon. She didn’t specify the color or breed of the dragon, so that is still under review. Not acceptable if it would eat me.

Let’s get creative here! My book release is just two weeks away. Perhaps you can do something to help me spread the word. That would be worthy of a seat, don’t you think? And don’t forget, I have a mail list here on my website. In the right sidebar. You could somehow use that to your advantage, I am sure.

Let the bidding begin!

(Note: In order to win, you actually need to be attending the Storymaker conference. Details here: )

I look forward to your imaginative offers. *GRIN*

Of course, if you decide to do something like facebook friends, I will need to see the results first… otherwise, you are all talk. 🙂  The winner will be chosen by merit and selected with if I like more than one idea. I will make my decision on March 17th, the day after my book launch.



Storymakers Conference contest – I won a seat! — 17 Comments

  1. Okay, here’s the deal: I’ll bribe you with advertising to my own following. 🙂

    My fans on Facebook (around 250 combined, many of which I’m not friends with on Facebook because I’ve never met them)
    My friends on facebook (over 900)
    My tweeps (you can see how many I have)
    My blog
    My email list of followers (around 50)
    And I’ll put a plug for you in my next email to the thousands of members of my parents’ email lists. (They’re the owners of the list and the members are world-wide. Six thousand members.)

    But all of the above only if I get the chair. Muawahahaha. 🙂

  2. Okay, seriously, I want to know how to become Andrea’s friend!

    Wish I could give you something fabulous for the seat (which will be very cool) but I also have my spouse with me and he would probably not be overly thrilled if I dumped him to sit with Shaun Barrowes (even if Shaun does have a seriously awesome voice!).

  3. From Carolyn:

    Hey Daron, I tried to leave a comment on your blog (along with my bid for the seat). For some reason I could get my computer to leave a message (your site wouldn’t accept the letters I typed in for that anti-spam, cookie thing. You can tell I’m more of a chef than a technical wizard, sorry). Anyway, I thought I’d leave my entry here if that’s okay. I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote in your comment box.

    I don’t have near as many friends as Andrea, not a single fan, and by blog–well lets just say its small intimate group that visits it. So exposure is not something I can offer you. But what I can offer you is your own custom-made puppet, created in the likeness of whomever you choose from your book. It could be a great attention-getter in school visits; entertain you or the bookstore shoppers during those long, drawn-out book signings; or just use it to entertain your kids during FHE. For more info on my puppet-making experience, feel free to contact me.


  4. How fun! I would love to be able to get to that conference. Well, any conference. Someday! Good luck on promoting your book!

  5. You lucky dog! You knew you were going to win and you did! I’m afraid I have nothing fitting to offer either. But if you have an invention, my husband writes patents and he’ll give you a free consultation on my behalf! Or I’ll watch your dog while you go on vacation. HaHa! (Do you have a dog?)

  6. You seem so quiet and unassuming, Daron. Who would have known that underneath that nice facade was such a sly guy? I am loving the show from the sidelines.

  7. Hilarious! Are you for real? Ok, now you’ve got me, I am going to have to see if what you write is as quirky as this little stunt. I am afraid I don’t have much to offer in exchange for your seat at the conference. How about four rowdy boys and one angelic little girl? I’ll even throw in a hamster and a leopard gecko.
    Seriously, I suppose I could offer you a backdrop for a quiet writing getaway at my parent’s trout resort in beautiful Star Valley. It’s the best I can do!

  8. NOW this is a great idea! Good luck with this. I haven’t yet thought of something I can offer you that’s any better than anyone else has offered at the moment, but I’ll keep thinking. :)–See ya at the conference!

  9. After reading Andrea’s bid, I have to improve mine. On facebook I have over 600 friends, and getting new ones all the time. I get a respectable number of readers on my Blog. The 41 followers doesn’t even represent how many stop by every day. I know that falls a little short of Andrea’s numbers, soooo

    You can have a guest post on my blog, and a review of your book, as glowing as I can make it without pushing the nausea threshold, however many glowing tweets a day you want, within reason, for a month after the release of your book.

    Also… I have the inside connection to get you a free cd of Unseen by Lori Cunningham, copies of my 2 fantasy novels published by Del Rey, copies of the 2 nonfiction books coauthored with Jaime Theler published by Horizon Book.

    And…. a Lamborghini. I’m going to keep the dragon.

  10. I feel the need to sweeten the deal (after conniving with Graham and seeing Deborah’s offers. :-)).

    I’ll give you ten specially designed (you choose the design) stickers of your book for either you or me to hand out to people. To help with advertising, etc. 🙂

  11. Hey Daron, it’s great to hear that you are being published. It’s inspiring to me as a writer. Anyway, I’d be happy to help get word out about your upcoming book. Word of mouth and Facebook. No need to count it as a bid (I don’t think I could compete with some of these folks here anyway!) Good luck!

  12. I make great brownies, banana muffins and cookies.
    My daughter can draw an awesome anime of you.
    My youngest can write an amazing story about you and a bear.

  13. Hey folks, did you see that? Taffy offered brownies. And artwork. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag about how I am going to choose, but Taffy is definitely in the running.

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