Book Contest: Help Me Tweet It Up!

Tweeted blog contests are a double edged sword. If there is a contest out on a blog site, and those entries can be kept at a minimum, then those who have entered the contest obviously have a better chance of winning the prize. So why would anybody want to promote the contest with twitter? Isn’t it better to enter the contest, and then keep it secret? Makes sense to me.

I want to do an experiment… I have a contest going on over at Goodreads. It is for a free copy of my book (a giveaway), and so far there are 432 entries to win a single copy. I want that number to hit 2000. In fact, I would like it to go even higher than that. There are only 3 days and 13 hours left to enter the giveaway.

This blog contest is simple. Whoever tweets the most between now and the close of the Goodreads Givaway, WINS a signed copy of my book. See? If you tweet it up, AND join the giveaway, you actually have TWO chances to win a copy, and the chance you earn by tweeting will probably be much better odds than the giveaway.

I want you to help me tweet it up. Here is a sample tweet, with a shortened URL to this post:

Contest for free signed copy of book by @DaronFraley: #thethorn #giveaway #contest

You can say whatever you want in your tweet. But you must include a link to THIS BLOG POST so that folks can find the link for the goodreads giveaway, AND your tweet MUST include both my ID @DaronFraley and the hashtag #thethorn

This is how I will track how many tweets I see. If I don’t see it as a reply with #thethorn, it won’t count. And if it doesn’t have a link back to this blog post, it won’t count either.

Make me proud. Get creative. Be twitterific.

Now, go add yourself to the giveaway at Goodreads:



Book Contest: Help Me Tweet It Up! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m gonna make you proud!

    So, I noticed with doing my own contest: not a lot of people used the hashtags. We’ve got to increase hashtag awareness. 🙂

    Tweeting now! 🙂

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