An Author’s Dream – The Pay It Forward Giveaway

WARNING: Don’t read this blog too fast. You might miss a really cool prize if you do…

There is an interesting contest going on between a bunch of authors which I thought was worthy of a quick post.

Check out what Karen Gowen is doing on her blog, here:

And this was inspired by B. Miller Fiction, here:

Here is another cool post by some Mooks:

I am quite impressed with this. Why? Because of the way B. Miller is offering to buy a book from an author. Do a review. Spread the word. Get local stores to carry the book. This is an author’s dream, to get readers to talk up their book and create buzz.

What is also interesting to me was the way other authors and writers have started to link to the contest. I am curious to see how far this spreads… There are quite a few sites already linking to these contests. And adding to them. If you click on all the links, it is going to take you some time to get through them all, I am sure.

I hope it goes viral. 🙂

I have been REALLY busy lately. I am in the middle of writing the sequel to The Thorn, and so my blogging time has been somewhat limited. SO… I need to keep my own addition to the contest SIMPLE.

1. Follow me on this very blog: 1 point
2. Follow me on twitter @DaronFraley : 1 point
3. Follow Tristi’s Blog: 1 point
4. And then follow @TristiPinkston on twitter: 1 point
5. Follow Michele’s Blog: 1 point
6. And then follow @Micheleabell on twitter: 1 point
7. Follow Kim’s Blog: 1 point
8. And then follow @kimberlyjob on twitter: 1 point
9. Comment on THIS post and let me know what you have done. If you are already a follower on any of these blogs or twitter IDs, you still get the point. Just let me know. There are 8 points possible. Each point gets one entry in the contest. Winner will be drawn randomly from all entries received.

Contest ends on JUNE 1, at MIDNIGHT.

The prize?

I have FOUR, (Yes, I said FOUR) author signed books which will be given away as a set. A book from myself, Tristi, Michele, and Kim. One winner. ALL FOUR BOOKS.

How is that for a prize? I will pay the shipping (U.S. only, please. I can’t afford international shipping). Of course, if the winner is outside the states, and they wish to pick up the shipping charges, I would be more than happy to send the books to them.

Here are the books:

The Thorn, by Daron D. Fraley (that’s me!)

My review of Secret Sisters, by Tristi Pinkston

My review of Summer in Paris, by Michele Ashman Bell

My review of I’ll Know You By Heart, by Kimberly Job




An Author’s Dream – The Pay It Forward Giveaway — 18 Comments

  1. Howdy Daron, I’ve followed your list both on their blogs and on twitter.

    So that’s 8 points for me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Daron,

    I’m supporting you supporting authors. I added myself to the blogs I wasn’t following and also following you all on twitter now. Whew! 8 points!

  3. Thanks for holding another contest Daron! I know I won your last one – and I wasn’t going to enter again – it just didn’t seem fair. BUT, I liked your book so much and really wanted a 2nd copy to give to the local library so I could keep my copy. AND I really, really want to read the other books you’re offering, so . . . I followed or subscribed to everyone else that I wasn’t already following. That should put me in for 8 points. May the best book lover win!

  4. What a fun idea. Good luck getting your stuff out there.
    +1 I follow you on twitter
    +1 I follow Tristi on twitter
    +1 I follow Kimberly on twitter
    +1 I follow Michele on twitter
    (and I tweeted about it because I think all of you are awesome authors and love to spread the love of great books!)

  5. I get 6 points (follow all of you on twitter, follow this blog as well as Tristi’s.)
    But this is an awesome contest. When I get money, I’ll have to just go buy books to give away on my blog.

  6. Great contest! I think I’ve got all the blogs and twitters covered…so 8 points!

  7. Following all four on both blogs and Twitter = 8 pts and 1 big wish to win!

  8. Hey Daron
    following your blog & twitter
    tristi on twitter
    michele’s blog
    kim’s blog & twitter = 6 points
    Thanks for the fun contest!
    Come play mine! =D

  9. I follow Michele’s blog, Tristi’s blog, Kim’s blog. I could’t figure out how to follow your bog with gmail. I will follow in heart.
    **3 points

    I think this is an awesome contest. Look forward to hearing the results.

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