The Thorn – Two Great Reviews Posted Today

There were two great reviews of The Thorn posted on blogs today. I would like to share them.

One came from a twitter friend @duane_scott. He is a co-founder of “The Authentic Blogger”, a popular group of bloggers on Facebook. If you have a blog you would like to share with the group, they are open to new members. Contact either Duane or Dawn if you are interested.

I have been greatly impressed with Duane ever since I started reading his blog sometime last year. He is truly authentic, his blog full of introspection and uplifting thoughts, inspiring readers to develop a relationship with God. I highly recommend you follow his very well written blog. You can read his review of The Thorn here.

The other review came from fellow Valor Publishing author Andrea Pearson, author of the soon to be released YA Fantasy book, The Key of Kilenya. She is a hoot to talk to on twitter, so you might want to check out her profile and follow her: @andreapearson2. You can read her review of The Thorn, here. If you would like to know a little bit more about Andrea, I recently did an interview with her.

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