What If These Were My Book Covers?

I have heard it said many times that readers DO judge a book by its cover. The artwork needs to catch their eye, the text needs to be sharp and clean, and small versions of the cover need to be more than an incoherent blob.

I am looking for your input here. There is a poll in the sidebar of my blog. Please take a look at the candidate pictures below, and vote!

One quick note… the artwork and pictures are all mine, with the exception of the wheat field in the third cover. I really like the picture, but would have to purchase it if I choose to use it. So ignore the watermark and funny black border, if you don’t mind. Those will be gone when and if I use the picture. I look forward to your thoughts! If you wish to leave a comment in addition to voting, please do.

(note: These are also looking like the titles of the books, so I hope you like them!)

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What If These Were My Book Covers? — 6 Comments

  1. (Reposted to correct a bad link back to my site.)

    Having read The Thorn I know what I saw in my mind as the story unfolded. You have absolutely captured it on the front cover. Seriously. I keep going back to look again and, I swear, I saw that cover scene in my mind’s eye when I was reading.
    I like the classy look. It looks much less like a teen’s saga and more like a book I would gravitate towards buying in a store. The next two now intrigue me about the storyline.
    Wonderful choices for capturing an adult audience! (I hope that’s what you are trying to do?)

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  3. I really, really like the third one. A TON. I like the second one, too. The first doesn’t grab my attention – it makes me tired. Not sure why.

    Where’d you get those pictures? They’re awesome. Especially that third one.

  4. From a marketing standpoint and as someone who buys a lot of fantasy, there’s really nothing here to get me to pick the books off the shelf. Sorry.

    Why are you designing book covers anyway? I thought you had a publisher who did that.

  5. I think the scenes are pretty, especially the third (but then, I’m a farmer). However, I think it would work better with some hint of the weapons or something superimposed over top. Maybe a vertical sword in the center, or an arrow, or… I don’t know since your books are still on my to-read list.

    You’ve got the beauty down pat, but I think you might need the hint of danger to go with it.

  6. Daron, I really like the first & third covers, but the ocean coupled with the title Heaven’s Garden doesn’t quite mesh well to me. Of course, not having read it I could be missing some ocean theme in the book. It just looks kind of empty. Maybe a landscape with a starry background or something? In any case I think they look really nice!

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