Book Cover Final

Here it is folks. This is the version I will be using.

The change is minor, but it fixes a perspective problem on the hilt-guard. I redesigned it. And did a more realistic fill on the surface. Other than that, it is the same. Oh, and the end cap where the second crystal snaps in also got the same fill.

(Interesting… a crystal sword. Glows blue. Has a short, removable crystal on the end. Makes you wonder about the story, doesn’t it? You want to read it… I know you do.)

But now I am tired of tweaking it. I think this one is going to be it.

Thanks for all of your previous comments! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon.  Hint: Do you own an e-reader?



Book Cover Final — 3 Comments

  1. Looks good! Anything with a sword on it is bound to be good, right? 😉 I’ve yet to purchase an e-reader, mostly because the majority of my reading materials come straight from the library. But I have utilized the Kindle app on my iTouch from time to time.

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