Book Cover Reloaded

This is the result of consulting with some artists.  Yes, I did the entire thing on my own. I think this one is getting very close to being a usable cover! But that is just my opinion… what do YOU think? Please let me know in the comments. You may compare it to the previous two blog posts if you wish.

Thanks for taking the time to look.  Let me know what you think!



Book Cover Reloaded — 17 Comments

  1. These last two are my favorite. I liked the color contrast between the border and the middle on the last one, but the darkness of this one appeals to me. If you could somehow combine the two but keep the darkness in the border, that would look cool as well. Either way, I think it’s great!

    The bigger sword looks really cool! It may be just me, but the end of the hilt looks a little too close to your name, like the sword could be tilted a little more counterclockwise. Without being able to try it out to see how it would look, I don’t know. It’s probably fine the way it is, though. I would definitely pick this one up off the bookshelf!

  2. Or not shift the sword, maybe just move it up slightly away from your name a little? I love the visual balance with the sword and “The Chronicles of Gan”. I realize that would be ruined if you moved it too much.

    Or don’t mind me. I really like it, and this cover makes me want to read it.

  3. this is so much better than your original cover. A 100% improvement, but how did you just go in and get a new cover? Do you have your rights back? You should email me because I’d like to involve you with my upcoming project, if you have copies of your book to sell.

  4. I love it. I do think your series title should move and take advantage of the real estate to the right of the sword. But if not, it is awesome. I say shift that and not the sword.

  5. BRAVO!! I love it. It’s exactly what I had visualized when I suggested a solid dark background. YAY!! So much better than the Valor cover. SOOOOO much better.

  6. I really like it generally…but part of me wants to see more that evokes what I can expect from the story. Not having read the book, perhaps just having the sword is sufficient, but I suspect it might need a little more.

    At the same time, the use of color and space are intriguing enough that if I saw it on a shelf I might pick it up and read the back to learn more.

  7. I’m not good at analyzing. I either like it or I don’t, don’t ask me why I do or don’t. That said…I like this cover very much! But then, I’ve always been attracted to swords, and I’m not even particularly bloodthirsty!

  8. Daron,
    I also think this is a visually appealing cover, and I like it, I do. However, I think there is just a tad too much negative space. It leaves me wanting more of a hint of what the novel is about.

  9. Much better. I agree with a couple of the comments. You might try moving the sword up and away from your name just a tad. Then take the title and move it down just a little bit, into the triangle to the right of the sword, so the title is still at the top but next to the sword instead of above it. My uneducated opinion.

  10. This one’s a vast improvement over your earlier suggested covers. I like it a lot. But something about the italicized title puts me off. I’m not sure if it’s the italic slant or the font itself. What font are you using?

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