Elana Johnson Made Me Do It

I read a blog about blogging from one of my favorite bloggers. Here is Elana’s post:


So, I need to turn over a new leaf. I have not blogged a lot lately. I need to rectify that.

Elana says we need to be ourselves and just blog about things which interest us. That we shouldn’t be afraid to let people know a little bit about us. OK. Well, I am not trying to be controversial, but try this on for size:  Stephen Hawking recently said (not a direct quote), that God was not needed to create the universe, and that it was perfectly capable of creating itself spontaneously.

My response to that:  Hogwash.

I looked up the word hogwash in the dictionary. And then I realized that I prefer the other word for the stuff: Pigswill. What a fun word.

Here is a picture of a very small slice of the universe:

And this is one of my favorite websites of all time, the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html

I love science. But since scientific laws (mind you, I said LAW, not THEORY) are God’s laws . . . He designed them, He operates within them . . . I am convinced that true science and true religious principles are 100% compatible. And to me, it means at a minimum, that God set all the laws in motion which caused the universe to expand, or to roll forward. Yet somehow I think he had a little bit more to do with it than that.

Science may not have definitive proof for the existence of God. Yet. That is fine. That is why faith is helpful. But someday, all knees will bow. All tongues will confess.

Even Stephen Hawking.

I am not hoping that Stephen will be embarrassed on that great day. In fact, I hope his reunion with his Creator will be as sweet as I hope it will be for me. I am fully aware of my own imperfections, and when I reflect on some of the silly things which have come out of my mouth at times, I am convinced more than ever that we all need that kind of mercy. Because no matter how smart we may think we are, there is One who is smarter than us all. Thank heavens He is patient with us.

There, you know a little bit more about me. Thanks Elana!  Have a great day!

(I just realized that I used the words hogwash and pigswill in the same post as the name of the soon to be famous Elana Johnson . . . I better warn her and make sure she knows it’s all good)



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  1. See? Was that so hard? It’s totally okay to let some of yourself out there. In this kind of community, one would hope that disagreements could arise and we could all still be friends. I pass a sign on the way to work every morning that I like. “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”

    I love that quote. It’s something I try to do IF I ever have a point to make. Which, let’s face it, I rarely do. (ha ha!)

  2. Great post, Daron. And I’ve been listening to Elana too. Just posted about cleaning the STUFF out of my trailer and my LIFE. Not very exciting and definitely not writerly, but hey, it’s my life, so had to share.

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  4. I saw that article on Stephen Hawking’s viewpoint. I thought it was rather sad, but I pray that he will realize as you say “true science and true religious principles are 100% compatible.”

  5. This all sounds vaguely familiar – like you’ve read my mind and written my thoughts. I love science, God’s science, not the theories of men. I cannot wait until I can comprehend it! I love looking at the intricacies of the universe with eyes that know of God’s power. Everything is magnificent from that perspective. Everything – even the imperfections of man.

    A special “thank you” to Elana Johnson for coaxing the real Daron Fraley out into the open. I’ve missed him.

  6. Wow! Hogwash, pigswill, Elana Johnson, Stephen Hawking AND all knees will bow, all in the same post? You’re good, man, you’re good. But I already knew that.

    The awesome Elana Johnson will be a vital part of the ANWA Writers Conference next February 25 & 26. I hope you won’t miss it!

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