Free Ebooks for Halloween by Duncan Long

Duncan Long is the very talented illustrator who helped to coach me through the creation of the new cover for my book, The Thorn (the new brown cover with the sword). It is the cover that I am using for the ebook version right now, and will become the cover for the print edition when The Thorn goes to a second printing.

I really appreciate the fact that Duncan took the time to help me. So, I am giving back. I just got this email from him. And since he said I can share (and I want to help advertise for him), I am posting the entire email here. Please go check out Duncan’s website. He has well over a hundred illustration samples to look at. The fantasy covers he has done are my favorite. Here is the email:


I’m giving friends and fans two free ebooks to celebrate the Halloween season: Edgar Allan Poe’s “Eleonora” (which I did the cover and inner illustrations for as well as the layout):

And (if you missed it last year) “The Raven”:

Please feel free to share one or both ebooks (or the links) with friends or post on the Net. I’m also hoping you’ll keep me in mind should you need some illustration work in the near future. Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween, –Duncan





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