2 Reasons Why It Is NaNoWriNot For Me

I think National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fabulous idea. I have a lot of friends participating. And the desire to take part calls to me.

But I just can’t do it. Or at least not this year.

Writing a new yarn with reckless abandon . . . not caring about spelling, punctuation, or other grammatical nuisances, and certainly not caring if the entire story threads together in a proper fashion on this first draft . . . is something I would love to do.  But I have a problem. One of the rules is that your NaNo project should not be a current work in progress. It should be a new idea so that you can cut the chains which bind you to perfect story and just TYPE LIKE CRAZY.

That is why I can’t make myself do it. I am woefully behind on my WIP. Any writing time that I do have, I must be dedicating to Heaven’s Garden. And as for just letting go and typing and not spelling and not caring about mechanics and stuff makes me feel like I am running through a forest of Russian Olive trees . . . naked. Yeah. Go check out the article on that one if you don’t know what a Russian Olive tree is.

Anyway, if I can get over my OCD tendencies with my writing, I hope I can participate next year. I have got to get my Chronicles of Gan stories out of the way so that I have nothing else to do but let loose on a new story. I can dream, right?

Thanks to all of you who ARE doing NaNo however. You are my inspiration. I have been writing as much as possible, trying to keep up with some of you. Just a bit slower. And thanks for those “sprints” you are doing. I participated in one the other night and got about 750 words. Not too bad in an hour. But I could have done more if I hadn’t cared about the mechanics.

So, there you have it. My two reasons:

1. Working on a current WIP is against the rules.
2. I have OCD. I am certain of it. Darn that OCD.

Happy NaNo!



2 Reasons Why It Is NaNoWriNot For Me — 2 Comments

  1. Just be a NaNo Rebel. 🙂 Add 50k to the current WIP. That’s what some people do. There’s even an official NaNo Rebel forum on the website. They don’t mind!

    For the record, I correct my spelling as I go along and attempt to use at least semi-decent grammar. Sometimes i type so fast that I might hit the wrong symbol or I don’t take the time to edit out passive voice. Just saying!

    I can understand being woefully behind. Maybe next year!

  2. There are rules? Well, I break them every time then. I don’t sign up, I set my own rules/goals and if I feel like writing 20K words on a wip instead of 50K on a new one, I do it. But I call it NaNoWriMo because I like to be part of the club LOL.

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