Cool Tool For Word Nerds

I recently stumbled upon something which caught my attention immediately. One of my favorite websites, has added a learning tool called Flashcards. What grabbed me was a flashcard deck containing paranormal related words and definitions. With all of the books out there in the YA market of a paranormal flavor, I spent a few minutes and learned some interesting tidbits about psychic abilities.

I know some writers that build their vocabulary by doing crossword puzzles. But definitions given in a crossword puzzle are so incredibly arcane . . . some of those definitions being intentionally obfuscated . . . that I can never figure them out. I like flashcards.

Go check out the site. You may just increase your vocabulary today. Better than playing Farmville, no?



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  1. Sounds nifty! I always used to keep a paper in the front of the books I read, so I could write down unfamiliar words and look them up later. Now that I’ve moved up to the 21st century with an iTouch, I just whip it out and look up new words on the spot.

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