Techie Or Artsy?

I used to think that I was more of a techie geek. I am not sure anymore.

I like science/techie stuff:

AstronomyNASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day is one of my favorite websites. I would love to work for NASA, but I am not quite sharp enough with math.
Mechanical things – At the age of four, I was taking apart carburetors and putting them back together again. Yeah. Some of you young whippersnappers don’t even know what that is, do you? About 15 years ago, I fixed a gas clothes dryer with photo copier parts. Geeky, I know.
Physics stuff – I have always been interested in how things move, work, etc. Cause/result stuff. Mythbusters is my favorite show because it combines physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, and a whole lot of fun. My 16 year old son made fun of me this week when he found out I memorized the periodic table in high school. Did you see the Punkin’ Chunkin’ show around Thanksgiving? I need to build a trebuchet.
Computers – If I could go back and be a computer programmer, I would. I love computer language stuff. I am not very good at it, but things like PERL fascinate me. My day job is hardware and operating system stuff. Datacenter virtualization, mostly.

But I also like artsy stuff:

Cooking – I make a mean pumpkin pie. From scratch. Including the pumpkin. I have on occasion even grown my own pumpkin.
Graphics arts – I taught myself how to use CorelDraw (vector graphics) and PhotoPaint (bitmap type graphics). The ebook cover for THE THORN is my own creation. My first rejection in the publication world was a scripture stickers project I did in 1995. I talked to Sheri Dew herself. She let me down in a very nice and kind way. I was young and clueless at the time. I wouldn’t think of just calling her on the phone anymore. But I did then! I still can’t believe she took my calls! 
Writing – I like to write. But you knew that.
Music . . .

This is the one that got me thinking about this post in the first place. Yesterday I downloaded a 2 dollar album from Amazon: 99 Darkest Pieces Of Classical Music. AWESOME.

First time I ever heard the Passacaglia & Fugue in C Minor for Organ (J.S. Bach) was in France. In a very large cathedral in Lyon. Just me, my missionary companion, and the organist. It was a December evening. And the organist played the piece at full volume. The pews were shaking. That was a life changing event. I realized that I REALLY liked music on that day.

Yesterday, I also went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with David Archuleta and Michael York. VERY nice. The MoTab and Orchestra folks sure do know how to put on a great performance.

Today: This morning my wife and the other women who run the Primary organization for my church congregation put on an activity centered around The Polar Express. They played the soundtrack, had chairs setup like train seats, lights and decorations, had kids come in their pajamas, had breakfast, hot chocolate, and Santa. Santa came and talked to the kids about gifts we could give the Baby Jesus this year. All in all, a very cool activity for the kids.

But it was the MUSIC which did it for me. That soundtrack is great.

Sorry for the rambling. Just thinking out loud here . . . I think I am more inclined to be artsy. Books and music are more fulfilling. For me at least. Oh, and when I get hungry, I can go into the kitchen and create.

I may just take up sculpture. Why not?

How about you? Techie, or Artsy?



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