My Memories of 9/11

I remember being at work that morning, a beautiful fall day in Plainfield, Indiana. By mere chance, the owner of the business had been moving some things around for his mother, and had left a television temporarily at the office. Otherwise, we would not have had a TV there. I don’t remember how I heard about the attack, but we turned on the old TV and watched a grainy image of both smoking towers come into view. We watched for many minutes, dumbfounded at the sight.

I remember the horror and anger and sadness which I felt that morning. I distinctly remember the shock I felt as we watched the first tower fall. And then the second. I remember quietly retiring to my office with tears in my eyes, shutting my door, and falling to my knees in prayer as my heart wrenched in pain. I prayed for the families who had just lost loved ones, because I knew that there was no way everyone had gotten out alive.

I remember the distinct feeling of quiet that I felt as I watched the skies each day, and saw no cloudy trails from passing planes. Plainfield is very close to the Indianapolis airport, and seeing empty skies was a surreal, strange experience.

Those feelings stayed with me for many days. Every night I would go home, and the television would be on until we went to bed. But eventually, life seemed to return to normal.

But then I remember this . . .

A very significant date: July 4, 2002. I stood on a sidewalk in Brownsburg, Indiana. Flags were EVERYWHERE. They were on cars, on trucks, on tractors, on lapels, on hats, on shirts. There were magnets, and pins, and the size which little children eagerly wave in the air. The color guard approached. The silent respect was overwhelming all of my senses. I saw everyone around me joining. Hands were on our hearts. Tears were in our eyes. My skin tingled. My pulse was fast and hard. I heard nothing but a sniffle, a low cough, and boots on pavement. I have never felt patriotism like that. Ah, the sound of those boots!

The last time you went to a function where the colors were presented, or the national anthem was sung, did you see the same sight? Or, have we forgotten? Do we still place a hand over our hearts?

God Bless America! May those who wish to destroy freedom, be forever frustrated in their quest! May those who refuse to uphold the constitution, or seek to destroy it, be prevented! And may we, as Americans, never, never, forget that we are accountable to God for what we do with the freedoms we enjoy . . . freedoms which have been purchased over and over again by the blood of heroes.

My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones in the last decade because of the evil which happened 10 years ago today. May they and their families be blessed for their sacrifice!

Never forget.



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  1. We sang America the Beautiful in church today. Not one person stood. Perhaps we could have, should have, knelt.

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