Dream Job: Food Critic

I love food. Food makes me happy. So when I ate at a new restaurant today (new to me, I have no idea how long they’ve been open) and I came away from my lunch thinking: “I am DEFINITELY going back there” (notice the CAPS, bold, and italics), I remembered what my Twitter profile says about wanting to be a food critic. I used the phrase as the title of this blog post. But I’m in touch with reality. Nobody is going to pay me to be a food critic.

So what am I to do?

I declare today to be National Be A Food Critic Day.  Here we go . . .

El Paisa Grill in West Valley City has tacos that will “knock your socks off”. That would be “caigan los calcetines”, in Spanish.

Now, I don’t know what that really means if you translate it directly like I did with Google. It may not even be nice. In English, the phrase “holy cow” doesn’t really work in French. Say “sacré vache” while in France, and they look at you like you just escaped the psychiatric lock-down unit. And I’m sure my Spanish speaking friends probably did an eye roll like my teenage daughters do with any of my attempts at being funny. Sorry about that.


At any rate, El Paisa Grill has great tacos. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. they have an All-You-Can-Eat taco bar for just $8.99.  I talked to the manager and asked permission to take some pictures. At first, he looked at me like I was from the health department. But I told him that the Chorizo on the taco bar was excellent. He told me they make their own, in store. That must be why it wasn’t greasy like so many others I have had at other restaurants.

The good: They have fantastic salsa and chips. Their fresh corn tortillas, cilantro, and fresh limes made the tacos sing. They had nine different choices for filling, and everything else you usually put on a taco. They serve the fillings, asking you what you want on it, then allow you to do the condiments. I like that. And to top it all off, the price was perfect.

The bad: I ate WAY too much.






Here is the address so that you can go and eat way too much:

El Paisa Grill
2126 South 3200 West
West Valley City, UT 84104






Go get some tacos. Tell ’em I sent you. Maybe I’ll see you there.


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