Review – The Kindling by Braden Bell

My reading time this summer has been very limited on account of my own publishing adventures, but when I got the chance to read The Kindling by Braden Bell, I jumped on it. Disclaimer: I don’t normally read middle-grade fiction, so I’m not the best judge of what makes a middle-grade book great, but I’ll give this one a shot.

The Kindling is a very fast paced story about a school, and some kids, and some teachers, and magic. Sound familiar? Let me reassure you, this is no Harry Potter knock-off. The characters are unique and believable, and the magic system quite different from anything I have read in any other book. The story carries a strong theme of right and wrong, contrasting light and darkness. I was quite intrigued by it.

Without giving away any of the plot, let me simply recommend this one for kids and parents alike, and encourage them to both read the book and then talk about it afterward. The heartfelt, feel-good story is worth your time. I wish Braden great success with this very well done book.

Don’t forget to spend some time on his excellent website. His website is far better reading than this review.

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Second disclaimer for the benefit of our over-reaching government buddies: I received a free electronic copy of this book. But I made no promises to give a good review, so you can’t count it as compensation. In fact, if I would have hated the book, I would have said so. And unlike some politicians I hear about, I don’t take bribes. They shouldn’t either. Shame on them.



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  1. Enjoyed the review and loved your closing comment directed at “our over-reaching government buddies.” Thanks for a good laugh this morning! 🙂

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