PROMISED: Stories of Symbols and Prophecy

In a day when nativity scenes are threatened by the vocal minority who choose to take offense (when they could just as easily ignore what they see), and when commercialism has all but replaced the true meaning of the Christmas holiday (and even invaded a traditional day for giving thanks), it can be refreshing to read a story where characters still have moral values, inner strength, and righteous purpose—characters who not only look forward to the fulfillment of prophecy,  but who actively participate in bringing those promises about.

PROMISED: Stories of Symbols and Prophecy, is my latest short story collection . . . an inspirational reading experience that fits very well with the holiday season. PROMISED contains the following stories:

OUT OF THE EAST: A short story about a prophetic journey (Mormon/LDS fiction)
THE DAYSPRING: A Christian short story based on last-days prophecy (Christian speculative fiction)
THE BEAST: Symbolic story pertaining to The Revelation of Saint John (Mormon/LDS fiction)
THANKSGIVING WITH GEORGE: A fun, holiday character sketch (contemporary fiction)

You can find this ebook-only bargain here: PROMISED



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