Cover For Upcoming Novelette “Son Of Liberty”

Son of Liberty is a story that simply would not leave me alone until I finished putting it on virtual-paper. It’s a little bit Post-Apocalyptic, a little bit Prepper, and a whole lot of a celebration of true liberty, eternal freedom, and brotherly love—through the eyes of a young man caught in the aftermath of the collapse of America.

This story is a direct result of my recent quest to learn more about the Founding Fathers and the events that led up to the American Revolution—incredibly inspiring stories that I had never heard of before: The Loyal Nine, the Culper Spy Ring, and the Sons of Liberty, for example. Although not directly connected to any of those events, in Son of Liberty I do give a nod of appreciation for some of the heroes and symbols of that day.

Son of Liberty will be off to the editor soon, but here is the cover, designed by James E. Curwen (also the designer for PROMISED and THIRTY-SIX). I can’t wait to have it published!




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