Son Of Liberty

My novelette, SON OF LIBERTY is out!


Ever since I discovered the stories of the Sons of Liberty, the Loyal Nine, and the Culper Spy Ring–groups that made a huge difference during the Revolutionary War–I’ve wanted to write a story that celebrates the fearless bravery and patriotism of these great men.

Although the story is set in post-apocalyptic Utah, and doesn’t directly deal with the men who founded the country, I do give a nod to a few of the famous members of that elite club: George Washington, Hercules Mulligan, Samuel Adams, and Oliver Wolcott.


If the love of a parent can make a young man brave, then Alexander Martinez should have been a selfish coward. For almost sixteen years of his life, Alex had never felt that kind of love. So after new foster parents take him in and teach him what it’s like to have a real family–a loving family–and Alex finally experiences the joys that life can provide, he discovers a strength of character buried deep within his soul.

But Alex’s dream of family doesn’t last. Instead, he finds himself in a society suffering from the aftermath of total collapse, and he realizes that he has to make a choice: Will he choose to protect the liberty and freedom of others, even at the peril of his own life? Or will his own fears and lack of confidence cause him to remain on the sidelines, only to witness the complete and utter destruction of America?

SON OF LIBERTY is a story of post-apocalyptic possibilities. It’s a little bit “Prepper”. Certainly gun friendly. And absolutely patriotic. Long live the Sons of Liberty!

KINDLE:   Son of Liberty, by Daron D. Fraley

A quote from Samuel Adams that appears on the cover: “All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.”

My thanks goes to James Curwen for a fantastic cover, and Tristi Pinkston for her editing excellence! I also want to thank L.C. Lewis and A.L. Sowards who were my beta readers for this story. I really appreciate your input!



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