Update On Solar Dehydrator And Essay On Liberty

First of all, I wanted to share that I recently wrote an essay for the Libertas Institute website, about the providence of God, and how it relates to local government, the bill of rights, and our responsibility to protect liberty. The contest will be judged for two prizes, the Peoples Choice and the award for best essay from Libertas Institute.

If you read it and enjoy it, I would really appreciate if you share it on Facebook, and mark it as a “LIKE”.

Here is the link to the essay: THE GOOD THAT WAS, THAT IS, OR THAT WILL BE

Now, information on the solar dehydrator…

17-ParabolicReflectorAt first, the temperature in the dehydrator was only hitting the low 120s, and anytime I opened the lid to check, it would take a long time to heat back up. So I decided to add a parabolic reflector to the back. This instantly changed the game. But now, temperatures were running at least 158 degrees in the dehydrator during the hottest parts of the day (and that is as high as my wireless thermometer goes). According to my research, that’s a little too hot. It really needs to be between 120 and 140 degrees, with lots of airflow.




18-SolarPanelSo this morning, I added a solar panel, wired to a small 12 volt fan. The panel was only rated for 9 volts, but the fan works great, and you can really feel the heat from the exhaust hole in the back. I am hoping that dehydrating will take less time with the improved airflow. The batch of mangoes that I did a couple weeks ago took all day. I’d like to see the time reduced to about 6 hours.


19-FanExhaustI’ll post later to let you know how it goes. Drying apples today!



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