The Relationship Between Conservativism And Popular Culture

SonOfLiberty_Amazon_1200highSeveral months ago I was listening to Glenn Beck’s radio talk show and they were discussing the relationship between conservatism and popular culture. Dismayed by the politically liberal trends of movies, books, music, and art, they called for more conservative artists, musicians, and writers to step up and do their part to influence the minds and hearts of Americans toward conservative values.

That idea–that the political climate of America is mirrored by the entertainment sought out by the masses–greatly intrigued me. Whether Glenn and Pat and Stu linked the two or not (because I don’t remember the details of the discussion), I think that the arts are also a reflection of the spiritual capital of the country. Think about the quality (or lack thereof) of all of the most popular movies, books, and music currently being promoted. On the whole, are they Liberal? Conservative? And how is religion portrayed? Is it mocked?

Take any popular movie as an example . . . Is it genuinely patriotic? Are the heroes REAL heroes, or are they more like broken anti-heroes, or worse yet, are they all villains who achieve their goal through one momentary heroic act? Is God or religion mentioned in a positive light in any way? Is there a clearly portrayed distinction between right and wrong, or are all the decisions made by the protagonist in a gray area? Does the main character have to lower their standards in order to accomplish their mission, or do they actually improve themselves by keeping their character and their good name untarnished?

Is there doubt in any conservative’s mind where we stand on spiritual matters right now?

We’re not doing so good, are we?

The types of stories being told isn’t just because movie making technology has greatly improved in recent years, thereby making it more lucrative or exciting to tell dark and violent stories, because some stories don’t need a lot of technology for the telling. Imagine for a moment . . . would a show like Little House on the Prairie make it on a major network during prime-time today? I don’t think so.

I had an epiphany during that radio show I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I realized that one of the reasons none of my books had gotten much attention was because I’m having a hard time finding my audience. All of my stories so far have been clean, moral, and sometimes quite religious in theme. Is there an audience out there for those kinds of stories anymore?

I have to hope so. But if there’s only one book being read out there, I certainly hope it isn’t 50 Shades of Grey.

I prefer to read stories that promote conservative values, where characters are fighting for truth and right. Perhaps that makes me an idealist. I’m okay with that. I’m kind of the Little House on the Prairie type. I’m not afraid to say that the show caused me to shed a tear every now and then. I wish there were more shows and books like it.

If you’re politically conservative, and you’re a writer or an artist or a musician . . . won’t you consider joining me in helping to improve the relationship between conservatism and popular culture?

Whether I ever make a dime on my books or not, I’m hoping the stories will become important to somebody, someday. I’d like to think that I’ll influence somebody for good.

It would sure make my Pa proud, if I did.



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  1. Daron,

    Please keep doing what you’re doing and writing what you write, in the way you write it.

    God will surely get it to where He wants it to go, else He’d not have placed the idea in your heart to craft the stories the way you have. Each of them are passionate in their message and purpose. It only takes one spark to take hold and birth a rampant fire.

    If, Christian patriots could all find some common ground, in Christ and in their love for freedom, and banded together to support Christian artists first, both sides would be seeing tremendous blessings as a result of the union.

    Don’t give up and keep on keepin’ on! God sees your effort and I believe He will honor it. 🙂

    I have been very blessed by your work and am appreciative of your efforts.

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