Heaven’s Garden free to read on Wattpad

HeavensGarden_1200highThis time around I am trying something new to find interested readers . . . I am posting the sequel to The Thorn on Wattpad a chapter at a time as I get it ready to go to the editor. Please note: The book is in a first-draft stage. There are sure to be spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. There will be changes to the story as I clean out the dead-wood to tighten the writing, and perhaps even change some scenes.

But if you don’t mind reading a first draft, go for it. Leave a comment on Wattpad and tell me what you think.

Here is the link to get you started: Heaven’s Garden book two of The Chronicles of Gan

FYI, this is only a temp cover that I did myself. I plan on having my cover designer create a new cover for The Thorn at the same time that he does this one. Already added to my 2014 resolution list . . .



Heaven’s Garden free to read on Wattpad — 3 Comments

  1. Would like to know when Book Two: Heaven’s Garden is released for download.
    Really enjoyed The Thorn and waiting for Book Two. Have recommended this book to several friends and family members. Thanks for wonderful book with plenty of issues for thought.

  2. I am so sorry I missed this question. I apologize, but Heaven’s Garden is still “under construction”, due to heavy work responsibilities, and other commitments. I am not sure when I will have it done. Thank you for your interest.

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