Indie Author Discovers New Universal Truth

If you go and read my last blog post and then check the comments, you will see that the following statements are now considered universal truths:

1. Blogging is a dying art. Not just that this blog is dying, but blogs all over the internet are quickly fading into oblivion. I don’t read them as much as I used to. And apparently nobody is reading this one either. Could have something to do with my infrequency of posting and the general lack of appeal of my posts. Or the NSA is blocking access to my blog. Probably the latter…

2. Giveaways don’t work. Not unless you’re giving away high-dollar electronics or a new car. Nobody cares about a $35 Amazon Gift Card. Maybe I’ll try giving away a kidney next time.

3. Readers don’t have time to do reviews. I’ve traded reviews with other authors, given away free copies of books to get reviews, and tried to bribe readers with free stuff: And no matter what I try, book reviews are really hard to get. I’m sure the problem is that readers are locked in tiny rooms with no windows, sitting on a cot, surrounded by piles and piles of books, and they have no computer and no internet access. They’re just too busy reading to bother with writing a 2 sentence review. That’s got to be it.

Sorry for the dripping sarcasm. But I’m a little bit disillusioned with the whole marketing/promotion thing as an indie author.

Best advice I’ve heard recently: Go write another excellent book.

Best response I could give: Since I love to write, I will go write another excellent book. That nobody will read.  <grin>



Indie Author Discovers New Universal Truth — 1 Comment

  1. Daron,

    Please don’t be giving away any kidneys. That will only get the OPOs in a frenzy and banging on your door.

    I think your blogs are likely being read but, I notice that they show up in their entirety in my email box, so perhaps a majority of your readers aren’t actually reading them via your website, which knocks down your stats.

    My own website numbers are still climbing but Sib Syn readers only receive the first graph (or so) in their in-boxes and to click and read the entire piece from the actual blog page on the website.

    So, maybe that’s part of the troubles with low numbers.

    Folks are still writing reviews. I’ve written about five in the last two weeks and got good read numbers on all of them.

    I’ve also been following each update on your latest story and it’s excellent!! I’m excited for the whole thing to be ready and available for buying and to write a review for it too!

    Please don’t keep swimming in the discouragement river. It’s a nasty place to sink and the fish there have sharp teeth.

    You have a beautiful talent. God knows it. He gave it. Please keep sharpening it and using it. Wonderful things come of it.

    God bless!

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