Apocalypse Panel: Drawn to Doom

Durer_apocalisseThe moderator of The Apocalypse Panel has posted another question that begs to be answered: What draws you to write apocalyptic stories?

Ah… the power of the symbol! Apocalpytic writing affords me the opportunity to use a high degree of symbolism in my setting, narration, and descriptions. I can allude to to real events, real people, real places, and even latter-day prophecy without specifically naming any of them. I actually get quite a kick out of doing it. How many times did you have debates in lit class (or nowadays online) where you argued whether or not the author intentionally hid a certain symbol or theme in their writing? Hmmm?

Well, just take it from me: it’s always intentional, except when it’s not.

Don’t believe me? I’ve got the story for you! Not only is my story THE BEAST chock-full of tie-ins to reality, but I don’t even give a name to the main character of the story. I leave that for the reader to figure out.

I must admit, however, that my writing isn’t always just a bunch of symbolism. In fact, the promise of symbolic prose was not the reason for SON OF LIBERTY. That story came about because I tried to picture what a particular event, foretold by prophets for millennia, would be like. I’d love to tell you what that event is, but I can’t: it would ruin the story.

And then there’s the main event which occurs in my story THE DAYSPRING, which is also a last-days prophecy, but I can’t tell you what that one is about either.

I’m sensing a trend: symbolism, mystery, and an ornery author who won’t give away the ending.

Maybe this will help . . . both THE BEAST and THE DAYSPRING are part of my short story collection called PROMISE, (which is currently only 99 cents on Amazon), and you even get two more stories. Or, you can just go to the READ section of this website, and read THE BEAST for free. If you do, I’d love to hear what you thought of it, so please leave a comment. And tell all your friends about it.

If you are curious, go see how Randy Lindsay, the moderator, and other authors on the panel responded to the Apocalypse Panel question here.

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