Rise From The Dead Because Of The Apocalypse

That’s what we’re doing here. Rising from the dead. It’s been far too long since I posted on this site.

I have some news . . .

First of all, I started a new website, and now have three:  This one, which is my official author website. The Thirty-Six series website dedicated to the multi-author series of the same name (Thanks for your patience! I know of at least one of the other authors who has his book done). And then a new one, dedicated to my passion of searching the scriptures. That new site is called Lachish Letters – Exploring Scripture. I am posting charts and cool things I find while in my studies. Go check it out!

Second, Randy Lindsay, author of The Gathering asked me to participate in what he is calling an “Apocalypse Panel” . . . basically a group of authors that hypothesize about the end of the world. Yeah, we will assuredly get it completely wrong. But it will be fun to talk about all of the ways we can die horrible deaths.

Authors are a sick group, no?

Stay tuned for my first post in this new venture. Find out which other authors are participating, and what question was presented to the panel by visiting Randy’s post about the project here: THE APOCALYPSE PANEL.


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