Natural Law is God’s Law

Signing_the_Declaration_of_IndependenceThe course of human events—each rivulet of pain and suffering; every combined stream of the ignorant masses who grope blindly to find meaning to their wave-tossed lives—flows as crimson channels over the man-made obstructions of tyrants. Only calm, pure waters, which no longer carry the flood debris and suspended sediments of fallen civil experiments, can provide a safe and navigable waterway where the man can find his way into a promised land free from the rule of despots.

Where oppressors refuse to relinquish their hold, the man, if he is aware of his divinely appointed station, can make claim for himself—to be an agent, for himself—and dissolve the bands which have held him fast against his will. It is not only his right to make such a claim of self-preservation, but indeed, it is his duty. The God of Creation has granted this agency to him, never to be revoked. The man merely needs to secure it with a firm hand. The existence of this Moral Agency of Man is evidenced not by God’s supreme word alone, but by every testimony borne by Nature herself, and the Laws which govern her. Natural Law is God’s Law. God’s Law is spun into every thread of His creation. This should be self-evident to all.

But, the unalienable Rights whereof we speak, are not always self-evident. Evil men have attempted to abolish such knowledge from the minds of the oppressed. And the afflicted, bowed down in their discomforting fear, can no longer dwell on, let alone recall, the blessed state of those who once enjoyed liberty.

How does one bring the tranquility of happiness and safety back to remembrance so that it may be enjoyed? It truly is simple: One must learn, nay, one must teach—to all who will heed the instruction—the principles of Natural Law and Moral Agency which God ordained from the very beginning.

Do not hearken to the frenzied sermons of tyrants who demand that you deliver up your liberties into their hands in order to guarantee safety from all who would oppress. Only truth and freedom can protect you: Freedom to act upon truth is the essence of liberty. Lies of tyrants cause others to act contrary to their true intent, which is to exercise their God given right to moral agency. Therefore, a liar robs freedom. Do not believe the liar.

* * * *

“You will find that it is the modest, not the presumptuous enquirer, who makes a real, and safe progress in the discovery of divine truths.  One follows nature, and nature’s God; that is, he follows God in his works, and in his word.” —Lord Bolingbroke

“In the Declaration of Independence the Laws of Nature are announced and appealed to as identical with the laws of nature’s God, and as the foundation of all obligatory human laws.” —John Quincy Adams


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