Book Club Questions – The Thorn



“The Chronicles of Gan – The Thorn”

1. Discuss the science and technology of the book: What is similar to Earth? What is different? If you had to place this story within a comparable timeline on Earth, what century would it be?

2. “Triboluminescence: Luminescence produced by friction when a material is rubbed, fractured, crushed, or ripped apart; usually within a crystalline substance.” Discuss glow-stones within the context of this definition. HINT: In the book, is there any magic or is it all science?

3. One of the main characters enters the story several chapters into the book, and then takes center stage for many of the remaining chapters. What did you think of Pekah’s personal experiences and his growth?

4. There are many references to dreams in the book. How are they similar to stories in the Old Testament of the Bible? There are also many miraculous events in the book. Can you identify a parallel story for each of them in the Old and New Testaments?

5. How did you feel when Pekah died?

6. Secret societies are prevalent in the story. Did they exist in periods of Earth’s history as well, and do they still exist today?

7. The winding-up scene at the end of the book shows the heavenly sign, accompanied by angels declaring that the Great King has been born. How did that chapter make you feel?

8. “The One Who Would Suffer” is a name commonly used by the Danielites and Uzzahites in the story. Why do they call Him this?