An ancient war between three brothers . . . a legendary scepter that must be protected . . . the looming prophecy of the Holy One . . . In The Chronicles of Gan, Daron Fraley creates a world of three moons that is hauntingly memorable and captivating. With the potential to become a classic, The Thorn will catch you in an intricate web of war, religion, family loyalty, and love—all intertwining into one engaging tale.

H.B. Moore, author of Abinadi and Alma

Daron Fraley breaks new ground with a brilliant setting that has not yet been realized. The Thorn captivates with intense action and poignant drama.  Realistic characters people the world of Gan, where both the strong and meek show their quality and ability with truth and faith. Villains topple and rise breathing menace to these, as the Savior said, “other sheep.” The Thorn will keep you turning pages, anxious for more.

David J. West, author of Heroes of the Fallen

The Thorn grabbed me from page one and pulled me into a whole new world. Drama, fantasy, and intrigue kept me flipping the pages – with just the right touch of romance to keep a love-addict like me happy. I rarely find a fantasy/speculative author I truly enjoy, but Daron Fraley has definitely been added to the list! I can’t wait for his next book.

Danyelle Ferguson, author of (dis)Abilities in the Gospel

Book Reviews

Some of my favorite reviews of “The Thorn”, book one of “The Chronicles of Gan”:

” . . . I’ll conclude by confessing that I finished the first installment of The Chronicles of Gan with tears in my eyes. It was late evening. I looked out the window at the darkening sky and wished I could sit once more under the stars and share this book with my father. That, my friends, is the highest praise I’ve ever given a novel.” — Kerry Blair, author of the “Nightshade Mystery Series”, “Counting Blessings

“If you can imagine a cross between Braveheart and the Chronicles of Narnia you may be on the right track, just don‘t expect any talking beavers.” — David J. West, author of “Heroes of the Fallen”

“…he takes something mentioned briefly in the scriptures and bases a whole world and religion on it. I had thought it would bother me, but instead I have been delighted with the depth it brings to the characters and the world. When the characters prophesy, I feel it, clear to my bones.” — Karen E. Hoover, author of “The Sapphire Flute”

“This first book explores the lives of faithful men, men who convert, and the miracles that happen when one is faithful and able to put full trust in God.” — Shanna Blythe

“Fraley weaves a grand story of action, intrigue, and loyalty… Crisp writing and interesting characters mingle with a well-conceived plot.” — Marsha Ward, author of “Trail of Storms”, “The Man from Shenandoah”, and “Ride to Raton”

“Who do I think this book will appeal to? Those who enjoyed Orson Scott Card’s Homecoming series, definitely. Fans of alternate realities, yep. People who like a lot of action in their fiction, yep. Teenage boys, probably.” — Alison Palmer, author of “Planting Seeds of Faith”

“An interesting premise – and a fun story” — Tonya Christensen

“The one thing that really stood out for me with Daron’s writing is that he writes with rich detail. You can see, hear, smell, touch and taste this world. His descriptions are so vivid you could actually be watching a movie.” — Sheila Staley, book reviewer for LDS Women’s Book Review

“The Thorn was an easy read; the plot was not too complicated and the words flowed. A nice book to read for a relaxing afternoon.” — Mary Greathouse

“I must admit my curiosity was piqued by this mixture of history and religious beliefs being tied together and viewed through the eyes of people living on another planet. I’m not a big fan of war books and movies, but started reading with hopes of a good tale. I was not disappointed. Fraley weaves an interesting story of three very different groups of people dealing with intrigue, power, murder, romance, obedience, faith, trust and forgiveness.” — Cindy R. Williams, author of “Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today”

“The Thorn is a well-written novel of intrigue and symbolism. Readers will note many similarities between the storyline of this new book, and The Book of Mormon. A classic tale of good overcoming evil, I predict this new series will appeal to most readers.” — Cheri J. Crane

“I quickly got into the story of Jonathan, Eli, and Pekah, which read very much like an historical adventure. In fact, one of the things Daron did extremely well in the book was creating believable stories of faith and miracles that could easily have come from the scriptures.” — Don Carey, author of “Bumpy Landings”

“Each character had their own voice and personality. I really wanted Daron’s main characters to succeed at the same time wanting the bad guys to lose and lose big.” — Taffy Lovell

“Once in a very great while, a book comes along that is so unique, so original, that it changes the scope of literature. I’m looking at one right now . . . Daron Fraley’s writing is fantastic, and has a voice all it’s own . . . the history of Gan is woven into the story so effortlessly that you feel that you could step into the world and know exactly where you stood.” — Wendy Elliott, creator of “The Complete Novel Plotting Workbook” (which I am using for book 2!)

“Fraley is an excellent writer of description.” — Tristi Pinkston, author of “Secret Sisters”

“Daron is a very descriptive writer which made it easy to imagine the setting because of his rich, vivid descriptions. I also really appreciated the themes of family, faith, and friendship throughout the book.” — Kimberly Job, author of “I’ll Know You By Heart”

“Though the cover gives the book a young YA feel, the story appeals equally to adults. The storyline could easily launch thoughtful, non-preachy family discussion on topics such as faith, loyalty, repentance, mercy and forgiveness. I hope parents will read this one with their children. Used in this manner, “The Thorn” exceeds being a satisfying read.” — Laurie (L.C.) Lewis, author of the historical fiction series “Free Men and Dreamers”

“I have to admit I read very little speculative fiction but this book has opened my eyes. From the beginning, The Thorn caught my attention and kept it until I turned to the very last page.” — Jeri Gilchrist, author of “Shadow of the Crown”

“Fraley’s characters and world have been painted with such detail and finesse that the reader will become lost in the story and feel transported to another place and time.” — Michelle Ashman Bell, author of twenty novels including her latest release, “Summer in Paris”

“The characters are compelling and the storyline will not only draw you in, but hold your attention to the end. The situations feel like stories from the Old Testament, creating a unique blend of fantasy and realism that will stay with you after you finish reading. This book was so interesting that I have recommended it to family members, and can’t wait for the next installment.” — Lynn Parsons, author of “(dis)Abilities in the Gospel”

“Though a religious idea is the starting point for the novel, Fraley does a good job of making the theology a subtle part of the story and does it in such a way that someone who doesn’t believe in the idea won’t be turned off by it.” — Abel Keogh, author of “Room for Two” and “The Third”

“…fans of epic fantasy will most likely LOVE this book. The Thorn is set in a pre-industrial society, and the future of the world is at stake. The people live in tribes and when the king is murdered, a war ensues with some groups vying for power while other groups want to protect their freedoms. Daron includes rich historical details about the tribes and their religious system, which will be easily recognized by Christians.” — Karlene Browning: writer, publisher, entrepreneur

“Fraley has created realistic characters. Then he went and set them in a world full of vivid description and unique style. The man has a gift, and The Thorn is only the beginning.” — Cheri Chesley, author of “The Peasant Queen”, “The Wild Queen”, and “The Tyrant King”

“…it has elements of science fiction and fantasy, but isn’t a novel from either of those genres. I’ve seen it compared to Orson Scott Card and Narnia and I can agree with those comparisons. Those who enjoy scripture stories will enjoy this book with its battles and tribes, romance, prophecy and miracles. I look forward to the next one in the trilogy.” — Holly Barnes

“In his insightful new novel, The Thorn: Book One, The Chronicles of Gan, author Daron D. Fraley takes us on a journey through time, even space, to a marvelous world with two suns and multiple moons, a civilized planet, much like our own, yet eerily unique. Fraley has spun for us a type or a shadow, a symbolic view of an Old Testament era world, perhaps one of those other worlds spoken of throughout scripture, which are as the sands, without number. — Brent Boswell, author and playwright of “The Mormon Handcart Pageant”